Want to get more involved but don't know how? TC Teams are groups of volunteers who serve together on Sundays, Wednesdays, and all throughout the week in different areas!

Check out the descriptions below for more info, and when you're ready, click the SIGN UP! button to get started!

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Our TC Kids Team helps create a safe, nurturing, and fun environment where children can learn to love God and others. We believe it's the opportunity of a life time to help shape the next generation!

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Together Babies helps provide a nurturing and loving environment to help give parents and guardians peace of mind while attending service.

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The Merch Team helps oversee the sale and production of custom in-house designed merchandise. Through this Team, you will help draw more people into the Together Church community and continue to promote the brand of TC.

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The Hospitality Team is the hidden heroes of TC. This team helps create an inviting atmosphere through preparing meals, serving food, and making sure the coffee is always ready to go!

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Be the first to welcome guests and our church family as they arrive on campus! We believe serving is more than just helping find a parking spot, it's helping someone find a church home.

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The Photography Team utilizes hand held cameras to capture life-changing moments that happen in our services and events, help share a story through images, and showcase what God is doing.


The Campus Safety Team provides peace of mind by protecting our church family and keeping our campus safe.

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The Welcome Team loves people and aims to make everyone feel right at home. Whether it's through a smile or holding a door, we aim to have a personal touch with every person.

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The Worship Team leads our church family in corporate worship. Through vocals and instruments, this team helps prepare the way for others to experience God's presence.

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The Tech Team is responsible for executing all audio and visual aspects of our worship experiences, both online and in-person. This team helps assure that the standards and integrity of our service and worship experiences are maintained.


The TC Events Team creates an environment for events at Together Church and helps bring ideas to life! This could be a good fit for you if you can plan, cook, set up, or decorate.



The Social Media Team helps create and facilitate TC's online presence by telling stories & interacting with communities through graphics, photos, and videos. By reaching hundreds of people, this team helps spread the gospel faster than ever before.